OLED Module

PalmTech provides a wide range of standard passive matrix OLED (PMOLED) and size from 0.48"~ 3.7". We offer customized design Character OLED modules, Graphic OLED displays and OLED display panels. Mechanical construction includes Chip on Board (COB), Chip on Glass (COG), and TAB (Tape Automated Bonded) types. Customers can upgrade applications for getting higher contrast, wider temperature and better performance from STN LCD to OLED displays.

PalmTech OLED is perfectly applied for wearable devices, E-cigarette, white goods, home applications, industrial instrument, car equipment, coffee machine, meters, ammeter, instrument tuner, printers, entertainment device and so on.

We provide many solutions such as Parallel, I2C, SPI, MIPI interface OLED display and use Solomon's IC SSD1305, SSD1306, SSD1307, SSD1308, SSD1309, SSD1322, SSD1326, SSD1327, SSD1353, SSD1360, SSD1362, LDT's IC LD7032, LD7134, SinoWealth's IC SH1103, SH1106, SH1107, SH1108, SH1122, Raydium's IC RM67160.

♦ Mono Color : Red(R) / Green(G) / Blue(B) / White(W) / Yellow(Y) / Orange(O)

Display Size (inch) Display Format Model Number Outline Dimension W x H x D Viewing Area W x H Active Area W x H Mono/Colors Interface  IC
0.48'' 72x32 PTOG0703□-A0 SERIES 14.90x11.29x1.2 12.46x6.15 11.21x4.97 R/G/B/W/Y/O Parallel/SPI/I2C SSD1309Z
0.66" 64x48 PTOG0604□-A0 SERIES 18.46x18.10x1.25 15.42x12.06 13.42x10.06 R/G/B/W/Y/O Parallel/SPI/I2C SSD1306BZ
0.69" 96x16 PTOG0901□-A1 SERIES 26.30x8.00x1.2 19.26x5.18 17.26x3.18 R/G/B/W/Y/O I2C SSD1306BZ
0.84" 96x18 PTOG0901□-A0 SERIES 29.40x8.40x1.61 23.10x2.58 21.10x3.58 R/G/B/W/Y/O SPI/I2C SSD1307Z
0.9" 128x36 PTOG1203□-A2 SERIES 25.38x10.00x1.2 23.28x6.67 21.73x6.10 R/G/B/W/Y/O SPI/I2C LD7032
0.91" 128x32 PTOG1203□-A0 SERIES 30.00x11.50x1.45 24.38x7.58 22.38x5.58 R/G/B/W/Y/O Parallel/SPI/I2C SH1103G
0.91" 128x32 PTOG1203□-A3 SERIES 30.00x11.50x1.2 24.38x7.58 22.38x5.58 R/G/B/W/Y/O SPI SSD1306BZ
0.95" 96x64 PTOG0906□-A0 SERIES 24.90x20.53x1.45 21.95x15.42 19.95x13.42 R/G/B/W/Y/O Parallel/SPI/I2C SH1106G
0.96'' 64x128 PTOG0612□-A0 SERIES 15.00x28.00x1.2 11.86x22.74 10.86x21.74 R/G/B/W/Y/O Parallel/SPI/I2C SH1107G
0.96'' 128x64 PTOG1206□-A1 SERIES 26.70x19.26x1.45 23.74x13.20 21.74x11.18 R/G/B/W/Y/O Parallel/SPI/I2C SH1106G
0.96'' 128x64 PTOG1206□-A5 SERIES 26.70x19.26x1.45 23.74x13.20 21.74x11.18 R/G/B/W/Y/O SPI SH1106G
0.96'' 128x64 PTOG1206□-A8 SERIES 26.70x19.26x0.96 23.74x13.20 21.74x11.18 R/G/B/W/Y/O Parallel/SPI/I2C SH1106G
0.96" 128x64 PTOG1206□-B0 SERIES 26.7×19.26×1.4 23.74×13.20 21.74×11.18 R/G/B/W/Y/O Parallel/SPI/I2C SSD1315Z
0.96" 128x64 PTOG1206BY-B1 SERIES 26.7×19.26×1.45 23.74×13.20 21.74×11.20 B&Y Parallel/SPI/I2C SSD1306BZ
1.02'' 128x64 PTOG1206□-A0 SERIES 30.00x20.16x1.45 25.02x13.82 23.02x11.82 R/G/B/W/Y/O Parallel/SPI/I2C SSD1308Z
1.1" 96x96 PTOG0909□-A0 SERIES 25.49x29.10x1.45 21.65x21.65 19.66x19.66 R/G/B/W/Y/O Parallel/SPI/I2C SH1107G
1.1" 96x96 PTOG0909C-A1 SERIES 25.49x29.10x1.45 21.85x21.85 19.85x19.85 Colors (65K) Parallel/SPI LD7134
1.1" 196×96 PTOG1909□-A0 SERIES 30.08×18.9×1.2 27.03×13.22 25.03×11.22 R/G/B/W/Y/O 4-SPI/I2C SSD1357Z