Backlight Module

♦ Backlight Options for LCD module :

(1) LED Backlight

Long life, low power consumption and requires a simple power supply. Available colors are red, green and orange, available in array type illumination or edge illumination.


  • Low driving voltage ( DC ) and does not require an inverter.
  • Long life of 100,000 hours ( average )
  • No noise occurrence.
    Various colors available in red, green and orange etc. ( multi-color by alternative switch is also available ) .
  • Operating characteristics of PC2002-A series is 4.2V, 210mA, 250cd/m Array Illumination

A grid array of lea's provide even illumination.

Edge Illumination
Combination LED with a light guide plate offers a thin structure type of illumination.


(2) CCFL Backlight( Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp )

Bright white color of light source offers clear and even illumination over large viewing area.


  • High Brightness
  • Long life time.
  • Low Power consumption
  • White color emitted

Direct Illumination
Suitable for multi-color and / or dot matrix LCDP.

Edge Illumination
Thin structure type of even illumination emits light from tube-like light source over a large area.

Inverter for CCFL use output high pressure AC current. Therefore, please pay attention when you handleinverter and power supply cable of LCD backlight.


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Backlight Module Process


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♦ Backlight Module Assembly Process


    Guide plate cleaning:

    Guide plate cleaned by Air Gun

    Guide plate in to Case:

    Guide plate put into Backlight Case

    Diffuser into case:

    Diffuser put into Backlight Case

    LED into Case:

    LED put into Backlight Case

    Tape Tapping:

    Tape Tapping