Backlight Module

Backlight Options for LCD module
1. LED Backlight

Long life, low power consumption and requires a simple power supply. Available colors are red, green and orange, available in array type illumination or edge illumination.

  • Low driving voltage ( DC ) and does not require an inverter.
  • Long life of 100,000 hours ( average )
  • No noise occurrence.
  • Various colors available in red, green and orange etc. ( multi-color by alternative switch is also available ) .
  • Operating characteristics of PC2002-A series is 4.2V, 210mA, 250cd/m Array Illumination

A grid array of lea's provide even illumination.

Edge Illumination

Combination LED with a light guide plate offers a thin structure type of illumination.

2. CCFL Backlight( Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp )

Bright white color of light source offers clear and even illumination over large viewing area.

  • High Brightness
  • Long life of 100,000 hours ( average )
  • Long life time
  • Low Power consumption
  • White color emitted

Direct Illumination

Suitable for multi-color and / or dot matrix LCDP.

Edge Illumination

Thin structure type of even illumination emits light from tube-like light source over a large area.


Inverter for CCFL use output high pressure AC current. Therefore, please pay attention when you handleinverter and power supply cable of LCD backlight.

Product Line
Backlight Module Assembly Process
  • Guide plate cleaning

    Guide plate cleaned by Air Gun

  • Guide plate in to Case

    Guide plate put into Backlight Case

  • Diffuser into case

    Diffuser put into Backlight Case

  • LED into Case

    LED put into Backlight Case

  • Tape Tapping

    Tape Tapping