♦  Display Product Applications

  • Consumer Electronics :
    Calculator, E-cigarette, Wearable Devices, Medial Watch, Sports Watch, Watch, Clock, Handheld game, Dashboard, Camera, Translator.
  • Equipment meter :
    Equipments for Industrial, Sporting, Medical device , Automation Controls, Test & Measurement, Access Control.
  • Communication & Computer :
    Automobile, Telephone, Office Machine, Fax Machine, Data Bank, Server, Portable PC, PC Peripheral, Laser Printer, Card Reader, Handheld POS and Mobile Device, Voting Machine, Entertainment Device, Remote System.
  • Others :
    Audio & Video, Digital Photo Frame, Refrigerator, Filter System. 

♦ Display Applications By Size

  • Diagonal Size : 1.28"~4"
    Application for this Category include Card Reader, Server, Handheld POS, Medical Devices and Mobile Devices.
  • Diagonal Size : 4.3"~6
    Applications for this category include Industrial Automation controls, Dashboard Camera, Translator and Medical Devices.
  • Diagonal Size : 7"~12.1"
    Applications for this category include Web Phones, Digital Photo Frame, Test & Measurement equipments, TFT LCD Monitor, Industrial applications, Slim design display for portable applications, Digitizer Applicable Design, Amusement, Vehicle, Voting Machines and Entertainment Applications.