TAB (Tape Automatic Bonding) & COF (Chip on Film)

TCP (Tape Carrier Package) and COF (Chip On Flex or Chip On Film) are both IC packaging technology. It utilizes flexible printed circuit film as the medium for packaging IC chips. The microchip or die is directly mounted on and electrically connected to a flexible circuit built on a flexible substrate instead of the usual printed circuit board. The bonding is performed on the gold bumps on the chip and the inner lead on the circuit film by use of heat and pressure.

Tape-automated bonding (TAB) is a process that places bare integrated circuits onto a flexible printed circuit board (FPC) by attaching them to fine conductors in a polyamide or polyimide film, thus providing a means to directly connect to external circuits.

TAB/TCP LCM Mounting Technology
COF LCM Mounting Technology
Production Line / Products / Process PC Board & Layout
  • ACF Attaching

    ACF attached to LCD.

  • TAB IC Bonding

    TAB IC bonding with LCD

  • TAB Function Inspection

    TAB Function Inspection

  • Silicone Injection

    Silicon injected into the joint

  • Mark Printing

    Mark Printing on products