TFT-LCD Automatic machine process for cutting, cleaning & polarizer tapping Process

Production Line
Automatic Machine for Glass Cutting Process
Automatic Machine for Cleaning, Polarizer Tapping
Eliminate Polarizer Tapping Bubble Process
Glass Cutting Process
  • Glass Panel Inspection
  • Side A Glass Cutting
  • Reverse To Side B
  • Side B Glass Cutting
  • LCD Panel
LCD Cleaning & Polarizer Tapping Process
  • LCD Cleaning Auto Machine
  • LCD Testing & Inspection
  • LCD Loading C/V
  • Side A LCD Cleaning
  • Reverse To Side B LCD
  • Side B LCD Cleaning
  • Water & Air shower
  • LCD Polarizer Tapping Auto Machine
  • Side A LCD Polarizer Tapping
  • Reverse To Side B LCD
  • Side B LCD Polarizer Tapping
  • LCD Inspection
  • Eliminate Polarizer Tapping Bubble