Soldering Precautions

The following procedures should be followed when soldering the LCM:

  1. Solder only to the I/O terminal.
  2. Use a no leakage soldering iron and pay particular attention to the following:
    1. Conditions for soldering I/O terminals
      Temperature at iron tip : 280℃ + 10℃
      Soldering time : 3-4 sec/terminal
      Type of solder : Eutectic solder (rosin flux filled)
      Note: Avoid using flux, because it could penetrate the module and the module may get contaminated during cleaning. Peel off protective film after soldering of the I/O terminals is finished. By following this procedure, the surface contamination, caused by the dispersion of flux while soldering, can be avoided.
    2. Removing the wiring
      When a lead wire or a connector to the I/O terminal of the module is to be removed, remove it only after the solder at the connection has sufficiently melted since the I/O terminal is a through hole. If it is forcefully removed, it could cause the terminal to break or peel. The recommended procedure is to use a suction-type solder remover. Caution, do not reheat the I/O terminal more than 3 times.