184 x 88



View Area Dimension

22.26 x 10.65

Outline Dimension

30 x 14.15


Compared to traditional LCD displays of the same size, our Electronic Paper Display Module offers exceptional power-saving capabilities. Say goodbye to frequent charging and enjoy extended usage times, making it ideal for portable devices.

With its high reflectivity and contrast ratio, this display module delivers crystal-clear images and text, ensuring a superior visual experience. Enjoy reading and viewing content with vivid details and lifelike colors.

The wider viewing angle of this module ensures that content remains visible from various angles, both horizontally and vertically. Share your screen with others without compromising on image quality.

Even under bright sunlight, the display remains easily visible with no glare or reflection issues. Its anti-glare surface eliminates unwanted reflections, providing a comfortable viewing experience in any environment.

Thanks to its lightweight and slim design, this Electronic Paper Display Module is easy to handle and install, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It features a resolution of 184 x 88, a DPI of 210, a view area dimension of 22.26 x 10.65, and an outline dimension of 30 x 14.15.

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