184 x 384



View Area Dimension

37.92 x 79.14

Outline Dimension

44.14 x 89.28


With a resolution of 184 x 384 and a DPI of 122, our module delivers stunning visuals with sharp, crisp images and text. Whether you're reading documents, viewing images, or watching videos, the clarity and detail will amaze you.

Enjoy a comfortable viewing experience from any angle, thanks to the module's wide viewing angle feature. This ensures that the display remains clear and vibrant, even when viewed from the side, eliminating any color distortions or dimming.

Never struggle to read your screen under bright sunlight again. Our module is designed to offer excellent visibility even in direct sunlight, providing you with a glare-free and clear display.

The surface of the module is equipped with an anti-glare coating, ensuring that you can view the content on the screen without any annoying reflections or glares. This feature reduces eye strain, allowing you to work or read for longer periods without discomfort.

With a view area dimension of 37.92x79.14 and an elegant outline dimension of 44.14x89.28, our module is designed to fit seamlessly into a wide range of products, from e-readers and smartwatches to digital signage and other innovative devices.

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