168 x 384



View Area Dimension

29.57 x 67.58

Outline Dimension

36.97 x 79.48


With an impressive resolution of 168 x 384 and a DPI of 144, our module delivers stunning visuals with crisp and sharp details. Enjoy an immersive viewing experience with high reflectivity and contrast ratio, creating images that come to life.

The module's wider viewing angle ensures that you can see the display clearly from various angles, allowing you to share content effortlessly with others without compromising on visual quality.

No more annoying glares hindering your view. The module's surface is equipped with an anti-glare coating, providing a comfortable reading experience in any lighting environment.

The view area dimension of 29.57x67.58 and the sleek outline dimension of 36.70x79.48 make our module a perfect fit for various products, ensuring seamless integration and a modern, stylish appearance.

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