112 x 208



View Area Dimension

25.76 x 48.048

Outline Dimension

332.20 x 59.20


With a wider viewing angle, this module allows you and your audience to enjoy the same captivating visuals from various positions. Whether indoors or outdoors, it remains highly visible even under bright sunlight, ensuring your content remains easily readable in any environment.

No more annoying glares to disturb your viewing pleasure! Its surface is designed to be anti-glare, reducing reflections and providing you with a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience.

Designed to be sleek and lightweight, this module fits effortlessly into your devices and projects. Its slim and compact design complements the aesthetics of any application, making it ideal for a wide range of products, from e-readers to portable gadgets.

Featuring a resolution of 112 x 208 and a DPI of 112, the view area dimension measures 25.76x48.048, while the overall outline dimension is 332.20x59.20. Experience the future of display technology with our Electronic Paper Display Module, and unlock a new dimension of energy efficiency, exceptional visuals, and user-friendly design. The future of displays starts here!



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