200 x 200



View Area Dimension

27.0 x 27.0

Outline Dimension

31.8 x 37.32


Immerse yourself in a world of clarity with its impressive high reflectivity and contrast ratio. Enjoy sharp text and vibrant images, offering an exceptional reading experience, be it e-books, digital signage, or electronic labels.

The wide viewing angle ensures content remains visible from various orientations, enabling multiple users to engage with the display simultaneously. From every angle, the content maintains its brilliance, making it perfect for collaborative settings.

Even under direct sunlight, the display remains clear and legible, free from glare or reflection. Its anti-glare surface guarantees optimal visibility in all lighting conditions, even outdoors on a sunny day.

Emphasizing a sleek and lightweight design, our Electronic Paper Display Module offers effortless installation and handling. With a resolution of 200 x 200 and a DPI of 188, the module boasts a view area dimension of 27.0x27.0 and an outline dimension of 31.8x37.32.

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