PalmTech is a professional LCD and LCM manufacturer. We can customized LCD module to meet your needs. We are happy to invite you to visit our website and if you have any question please contact us immediately.

Who we are

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Character LCM

PalmTech offers a wide range of standard Character LCD modules for customers' applications.

Graphic LCM

PalmTech has an extensive range of graphic LCD displays with various backlight and LCD type combinations.


TFT LCD Module

PalmTech offers a wide range of TFT LCD module displays from small to medium size.

OLED Module

PalmTech provides a wide range of standard passive matrix OLED (PMOLED) and size from 0.48"~ 3.7".


Touch Panel

PalmTech has years of experience in design of resistive/capacitive touch panel.

Industrial Control

PalmTech has been put into industrial control developing and manufacturers from 2017.