♦  Display Product Applications

  • Consumer Electronics :
    Calculator, E-cigarette, Wearable Devices, Medial Watch, Sports Watch, Watch, Clock, Handheld game, Dashboard, Camera, Translator.
  • Equipment meter :
    Equipments for Industrial, Sporting, Medical device , Automation Controls, Test & Measurement, Access Control.
  • Communication & Computer :
    Automobile, Telephone, Office Machine, Fax Machine, Data Bank, Server, Portable PC, PC Peripheral, Laser Printer, Card Reader, Handheld POS and Mobile Device, Voting Machine, Entertainment Device, Remote System.
  • Others :
    Audio & Video, Digital Photo Frame, Refrigerator, Filter System. 

♦ Display Applications By Size

  • Diagonal Size : 1.28"~4"
    Application for this Category include Card Reader, Server, Handheld POS, Medical Devices and Mobile Devices.
  • Diagonal Size : 4.3"~6
    Applications for this category include Industrial Automation controls, Dashboard Camera, Translator and Medical Devices.
  • Diagonal Size : 7"~12.1"
    Applications for this category include Web Phones, Digital Photo Frame, Test & Measurement equipments, TFT LCD Monitor, Industrial applications, Slim design display for portable applications, Digitizer Applicable Design, Amusement, Vehicle, Voting Machines and Entertainment Applications. 

♦  Industrial Control Product Applications

PalmTech's full range product can be applied to :

  • Transportation :
    Devices in the transportation field need to be able to communicate instantly with each other over long distances and often under harsh environmental conditions. PalmTech's products to facilitate communication between transport equipment, used to help monitor the tunnel and highway conditions, the subway system signal transmission, and used to form the backbone of the intelligent transportation system.
    Ex :
    Network to achieve high charging accuracy, telecommunications remote maintenance, mobile base station control system, switch operating system, remote decentralized switch control system, port server management, integrated rail system, high-speed railway environmental control system, the subway Signal Control Systems, Telecoms Remote Control Maintenance, Vehicle Proximity Monitoring, Traffic Automatic Monitoring, Bridge Lighting Automated Monitoring, Truck Loading Systems, Ethernet I/O Servers Make Automatic Parking More Efficient, Tunnel Surveillance Systems, Port Cranes, Bus Stations Management information display system, tunnel ventilation control system serial, airport security monitoring, subway remote monitoring network, Ethernet to achieve railway safety transportation, tunnel communication system, campus traffic control system, WIFI on train, train station monitoring system, airport Terminal public facility monitoring systems, real-time status updates for Mass Rapid Transit, integrated subway remote control and safety systems, real-time marine networked sonar systems, integrated highway information management systems, and Ethernet switches provide tram and bus integration Electronic ticketing system, traffic tunnels traffic gate System of systems, highway tunnel advanced control, monitoring systems and so on.

  • Electricity and Utilities :
    The Role of Electricity and Utilities In providing the services necessary for livelihood in modern societies, such systems must have rock-solid reliability and ease of maintenance. For power automation applications, from power generation to power transmission and distribution phase, Palm technology can provide different products to help monitor substations and service cabinets, establish high-speed backup network backbone, and provide wireless automatic meter reading.
    Ex :
    Textile manufacturing, lathe precision machining control system, CNC control system networking solution, sewage treatment station monitoring system to enable active alarm, Ethernet solution to create a reliable substation automation system, water treatment plant upgrade monitoring and control, active Pump Station Control and Alarm Systems,Control and Monitoring Wind Power Generation Substation, Well Management, Wind Turbine Switch, Wind Turbine Remote Monitoring and Control, Wireless Automatic Meter Reading and Distribution Network, Oil and Gas Wellhead Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Communication Network, Solar power generation system, real-time monitoring and alarm system in the mining industry, gas distribution monitoring system, internet monitoring of solar energy meters, unattended substation automation, efficient real-time data processing in power automation, unattended monitoring system in seaport substation, system an so on.

  • Building automation network technology can be used to make building systems smarter and more efficient. Regardless of the type of building, Palm technology’s products can be relied on to connect and manage equipment in a variety of systems, such as alarm control, safety systems, and utility monitoring.  
    Ex :
    Integrated Retail Chain Retail Systems, Ticket Vending Machines, Vending Stamp Machines, Networking Modules Constructing New Payment Systems, Multimedia Information Stations, Network PoE Solutions for Pharmacy Safety Surveillance, Military Security Monitoring, Fire Alarm System for Peer I / O , Unattended weather station and so on.

  • Program Automation :
    One of the major difficulties in program-controlled automation is dealing with a variety of specialized hardware as well as difficult programming requirements. Palm technology offers open standards and developer-friendly features for virtually any type of sensor or device or Machinery can easily complete the integration. 
    Ex :
    Gas pipeline monitoring and control system, steel thermal power plant and DCS system, coal production and transport intelligent centralized monitoring system, oil and gas drilling system, warehouse automatic guided vehicle wireless network, real-time asset monitoring and management of oil drilling platform, process control system , Remote monitoring system and so on.

  • Manufacturing Automation :
    Automation systems help manufacturers stay competitive in the global market; however, it is not easy to achieve truly reliable communications between specialized equipment and different protocols in an automation system. With Palm technology, manufacturers around the world can connect traditional equipment with modern control systems to instantly monitor the harsh environmental conditions at the manufacturing site and to seamlessly transform proprietary protocols into open equipment agreements.
    Ex :
    Ticket Collection System, Railway Signal Light Control System, Airline Check-in System, System Integrated Test Equipment, Soft Drink Bottle Production Line, Intelligent Temperature Monitoring Alarm and Pumping System Shutdown Control, Integrated Assembly and Painting Operation, TFT-LCD Manufacturing Quality Inspection, Flexible Manufacturing System, multi-functional manufacturing control system, filling and packaging industry, petrochemical industry safety monitoring and management system, coal mining monitoring system, CNC system networking solution, TFT-LCD factory gas monitoring system and so on.

  • Monitoring and Control Systems Environmental monitoring is a process of collecting specific environmental data from remote sites and analyzing the characteristics of a particular event. In essence, environmental monitoring is used to estimate / prevent environmental impacts, including risks to humankind caused by activities in nature, such as earthquakes and floods, and vice versa. When deploying the environmental monitoring system, the first step is to strategically deploy I / O at each site. The I / O can transmit the collected data to the control center for remote monitoring. PangYi technology PLC has "according to the incident report" characteristics: only in the pre-set event / event will be sent back to the event alarm message.
    Ex :
    Earthquake monitoring system, remote gas pipeline tunnel temperature monitoring system, active alarm server room, remote generator monitoring system, gas detection system and so on.